Construction Costs Are Up During the Pandemic. Here’s Why.

Originally Posted at Habitat

Construction costs in New York were already notoriously high before the coronavirus pandemic hit. When shut-down projects were allowed to reboot in June, the city and state put specific requirements in place, which drove costs up even further. Co-op and condo boards are on the hook for those added costs.

“All contractors have to implement a COVID-19 plan, which is in addition to your safety plan,” says Vincent Salvatoriello, chief operating officer at Skyline Builders Group. “First of all, that new plan requires an additional staff member, a full-time position.” That person’s primary responsibility is training workers on safety and maintaining a log that monitors each worker. All workers have to sign in, have their temperature checked and report whether or not they felt sick; at the end of the shift, they all have to sign off. “This COVID-19 log has to be on site,” Salvatoriello says, “and ready for a presentation when the Department of Buildings (DOB) comes to inspect a construction site.”

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